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Cold heading machine, an important equipment in modern industrial production


Cold heading machine is an important metal processing equipment in modern industrial production, mainly used for manufacturing products such as automobiles, motorcycles, and hardware accessories. With the continuous development of the national economy and the increasing demand for high-quality products in society, the application of cold heading machines is becoming increasingly widespread. 

The working principle is very simple, which is to gradually compress the metal rod material into the required specification and length of the workpiece through a deformation mold. When using, it is necessary to select suitable molds and auxiliary tools according to different processing requirements, and adjust various parameters such as feeding, pressure, and cooling water according to the performance parameters of the equipment to ensure the processing effect.

The advantages are obvious. Firstly, it can fully utilize rod-shaped raw materials, compress their cross-sectional area, extend their length, not only shorten production time, improve production efficiency, but also reduce waste; Secondly, it has high precision and stability, which can ensure the dimensional and appearance accuracy of the processed product; In addition, compared to traditional processing methods, cold heading technology is more environmentally friendly, reducing the generation of wastewater, exhaust gas, and waste residue, in line with the concept of sustainable development. Cold heading machines have a high technical threshold and equipment cost, but with the continuous progress of technology and the improvement of production process level, their application scope and cost-effectiveness will continue to expand. We believe that in future industrial production, cold heading machines will become increasingly important.

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